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5 cycling trails to try this month

It’s no secret; Adelaide is the cycling lover’s city and with a variety of cycling trails there’s bound to be a few that will become your absolute favourites. Make the most of long summer days and enjoy our top 5 favourite trails in the city.

Exploring Adelaide on two wheels can be surprisingly refreshing. Roaming through the wide (cyclist friendly) streets, crossing through luscious Park Lands and scenic routes can add a whole new dimension to your fitness and leisure time.

But first, wheel up

Bicycle hire around the city are aplenty. If you have some form of ID (a current driver’s license or passport) you’re on your way to hiring a bike for free for the day. Bike SA offers free hires at their 15 locations  around the city and a large variety of high quality bicycles to match your body size. Alternatively, rent a bike as you go with ofo or oBike; download the app on your smartphone to locate a bicycle closest to you.

1. Park Lands Trail

Experience 18km of green open space, in just 75 minutes! The Park Lands trail is a good starter for a fun, easy and safe ride. Perfect for family rides!

2. Victoria Park Fitness Trails

Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi (Park 16)
Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi (Park 16)

Forget the gym; this 1.9 km unsealed circuit is a fitness lovers’ destination. Cycle to Victoria Park and hop off on key fitness stations for a full body workout on the free outdoor fitness equipment.

3. Bonython Park – road safety centre

Bonython Park / Tulya Wardli (Park 27) road safety centre
Kids practicing road safety rules in a safe environment

Perfect for tykes on trikes! Teach your child to ride a bike with confidence in a ‘mock roadway’ that mimics real traffic conditions, complete with road signs and stop lights!

Park yourself for a perfect picnic

4. BMX track

BMX track at Kurangga (Park 20)
BMX track at Kurangga (Park 20)

Remember the days of riding your BMX down the street? Well, those days are long gone. This intermediate track is a favourite for young riders who like to get a little more adventurous, and adult riders who take their sport seriously. There are tracks and mini hills to suit the skill level of any BMX rider and BBQ / picnic areas for those who prefer to sit back and take in all the action.

5. River Torrens Linear Park Trail

River Torrens bike path
River Torrens bike path

Start from the city and end at the beach; this attractive track will leave you boasting about Adelaide. It’s a visual feast while you ride, with manicured lawns, ducks and mature trees. Pack a small picnic basket and have a break to indulge in all the beauty. If you’re a keen photographer, you’re guaranteed some idyllic shots.

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