Flower power: planting the Park Lands

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When you take a spring stroll through the city, that stunning splash of colour and sweet floral smell is thanks to the hard work of the City of Adelaide's Horticulture crew. 

Each year, an incredible 85,000 seedlings are planted across the city and Adelaide Park Lands. The horticulture team care for them at the City of Adelaide nursery from the time they arrive as tiny seedlings, to when they've grown strong enough to go in the ground all around town. 

Once planted, many of the flowers are at their prettiest in spring. Among the city's green spaces you will find petunias, dianthus, polyanthus, pansies, vincas, snapdragons, impatiens, poppies and begonias. “We choose pest and disease resistant varieties that suit Adelaide’s climate,” said Matt Jorgensen, City of Adelaide’s Team Leader Horticulture.

Horticulture darren

Horticulutre tradesperson, Darren Barbara and some of the 85,000 seedlings ready for planting

The team are careful planners, taking into account city celebrations like poppy planting for Remembrance Day while also keeping in mind the city's many animals. The team have a deep appreciation of plant and animal life cycles and are particularly mindful in spring of nesting birds and ducklings. While the ducks' safety is important they are also mindful of protecting the plants from being nibbled down to a nub.

Matt jorgenson horticulture city nursery mulch

Matt Jorgensen in the City of Adelaide’s nursery.

  1. Check your irrigation system’s working properly to avoid water waste and the shock of a big bill;
  2. Apply organic fertiliser (store bought or a wonderful worm juice) to support new spring growth;
  3. Weed and mulch garden beds.

    Big tip:
    the City of Adelaide's Green Waste Recycling & Mulch Centre in North Adelaide sells mulch and compost to the general public. Click here for all the details and opening times and costs.

"Down at Rymill Lake you’ll notice lots of Vinca (Periwinkle) and Polyanthus annual plants. Over years of trial and error, we’ve discovered that these are “duck-proof”."

- Darren Barbara, City of Adelaide Horticultural Tradesperson

Matt’s spring gardening tips

City of Adelaide Strategic Plan context

Outcome 1: Thriving Communities - Council will create a city that is welcoming, inclusive and accessible to all.


Outcome 3: Dynamic City Culture - Council will continue to create a beautiful, diverse city that celebrates its natural, cultural and built heritage.


Outcome 4: Environmental Leadership Council will be a leader in responding to climate change and support our community and businesses to be resilient in the face of environmental challenges.

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