A teen's take on top city cafes

At Play At Work

It’s school holidays and for teenagers everywhere that means there’s stacks of time to head into the city to shop, catch the latest movie or simply plant yourself somewhere comfy with your crew and tuck into something yummy to eat.

But where’s cool and serving up food that the average teenager a) wants to eat or drink and b) can afford on a pocket money / part time job budget?

We asked local teen Teagan (“15, going on 16!”) to take us through a few of her favourite city spots to eat and chat with friends through the school holidays or any weekend throughout the year.

117 Melbourne St, North Adelaide

“For a cozy and comforting café that still gives off a sophisticated look, UR Caffe is the place for me. Whether I’m grabbing a bite by myself or catching up with a friend over a delicious brunch, I can never pass on UR Caffe. My favourite meal to have here is the Spicy Corn Fritters as every mouthful is like a flavour bomb went off in your mouth.”

128-130 O’Connell St, North Adelaide

“Bakery on O’Connell is a popular choice for my friends and I. Whether we’re just finishing school, or satisfying our late night snack cravings, the bakery is always the way to go. It’s a good choice when you’re on a budget. I love to buy the big chocolate donut when I’m visiting as it’s delicious and filling for such a cheap price.”

13 Franklin St, Adelaide


“Crack Kitchen is a great school holiday destination spot, and I can be seen in there with my friends on a regular basis. With warm and friendly staff, as well as delicious meals, it’s no wonder I’m a regular. I find that it’s a great place to go when you’re ready to splurge. I can never go past the banana smoothie for its great taste, with a healthy benefit.”

Scrambled eggs crack kitchen
160 Fullarton Rd, Adelaide

“This small little café is the go-to spot on a Saturday morning after sport in the Park Lands for myself and my friends. The welcoming atmosphere and delicious food is what makes this such a great hotspot. My favourite meal on the list to get when I’m feeling like I can splurge is the chocolate brownie waffles.”

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