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Active adults: a parent’s tips to fitness

As a parent it’s not always easy to find the time or the energy to exercise, but we know that exercising makes it easier to have more energy as we increase the strength of our big pump muscle (heart) which makes it more efficient.

Here are a couple of my favourite ways to fit exercise around a busy family life.

  • Use a pedometer or device to track movement: Aim for 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 steps per day. Have a goal for the week of total steps (so there’s no guilt if you miss a day).
  • Walk to park and do laps around while child plays or has sporting games: Don’t let them have all the fun; I like to do lunges around the playground, stair step ups or laps around the sports field.
  • Consider all gardening and housework as excellent incidental exercise: Anything that keeps you moving & you end up with a better place is great result.
  • Join a local mums group or gym or fitness group with a crèche: Check out the Free crèche at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre Fitness Centre.
  • Get your kids working out with you. Stretch together and jog together.
  • Plan your drop-off and pick up: Walk with the pram, take a child on the back of your bike or in a chariot, run while they ride, be prepared, and aim to leave 20 mins early to get in an extra lap.
  • Fit your workout in before your kids wake up with an early bird’s circuit of lunges, squats, dips, pushups & abs
  • Do a Pilates DVD or YouTube yoga workout after the kids are in bed
  • Do your workouts in your lunch break see Six ways to Activate your lunch hour for some tips!
  • Book your workouts as very important meetings with someone who will support you for the rest of your life.
Giving back

Showing your kids that you care for yourself and your health is an excellent way to build a happy family & to be a good role model – keep up the good work.


Do you have any tips to share on maintaining an active lifestyle? Share below in the comments or write for us!

Adelaide Aquatic Centre

Adelaide Aquatic Centre

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