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Adelaide Park Lands - naturally inspiring

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Adelaide’s unique ‘city in a park’ design rewards locals and visitors alike with far more than an array of beautiful open spaces to explore year-round. Encircling the CBD and North Adelaide in a glorious green belt, the life-filled Adelaide Park Lands are also a natural source of inspiration for creatives from near and far.

Every two years, the Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize encourages artists of any age to make a statement, capture the essence or highlight the significant world-value of the Adelaide Park Lands in two or three-dimensional art or digital forms.

Initiated by the Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association (APPA) in 2014, the non-acquisitive Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize offers a combined prize pool of $33,000.

E18012 Christopher Meadows Spheres and Reflections
photo-icon Artist: Christopher Meadows


After a call for entries earlier this year, on Wednesday 4 July South Australian artist Christopher Meadows was announced as the overall $20,000 prize winner for his work, Spheres and Reflections (pictured left).

For the first time, there was also the APPA Young Artist Award given out (valued at $2000) - with Victoria's Darcy Lewis the inaugural winner for the work A Rise in Adelaide's Eastern Suburbs.

Ten other Highly Commended awards ($1000 each) were also handed out and the individual recipients can be viewed below.

These works, and that of all the finalists in this year's prize, are now on display for the wider community to enjoy in the Festival Theatre Foyer Gallery of the Adelaide Festival Centre until 26 August 2018.

Below is a peek at what you can look forward to feasting your eyes on …

From their natural beauty to their positive environmental influence and facilitation of social connection, health and wellbeing - the Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize 2018 provides a visually rich demonstration of how incredibly valuable these spaces are to the city landscape. The City of Adelaide is proud to support the Adelaide Park Lands Art Prize.

Highly Commended Awards

Daryl Austin (SA) - Pakapakanthi / Victoria Park (Between a Dog and a Wolf) - oil on panel

Roger Buddle (SA) - Winter Fungi - kilnformed glass, found timber

Jan Cleveringa (NSW) - The Meeting Point - fluorescent light globe and wood

Graham Davis (SA) - Adam Encounters The Fingers of Light - pigmented acrylic ink on prepared panel

Sally Parnis (SA) - Summer Solstice 2017: Drawing the Adelaide Parklands - mp4,iPad finger drawing. Duration 45 minutes

Madeline Prowd (SA) - Eucalyptus Trio - blown and cold worked glass

Tayla Stocks (SA) - Purple Swamphen, Parkland's Royalty - acrylic and oil on board

Ellen Trevorrow, Bruce Trevorrow and Jelina Haines with Bessie Rigney, Ellie Wilson, Hank Trevorrow, Tyson Rigney, Dylan Gibbs (SA) - Ngori (Pelican) - Ngarrindjeri weaving: sedge grasses

Peter Walker (SA) - Twigonometry - wood

Laura Wills (SA) - Liquid Gold Harvest - pastel, pencil, ink and pigment ink on rag paper

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