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Smart city in action

Check out these smart City of Adelaide projects set to improve your city experience!

Parking made easy

City carsImagine the time you’d save if you had help finding a city parking space and could extend your stay from anywhere.

Council is implementing smart technology involving sensors and an app to make parking more convenient and stress-free. The app will allow you to locate available parking bays, advise of any limits and pay for the park if you need to. Plus, the app will notify you when your time is about to expire so you can remotely top-up to the maximum available limit. First stage roll-out starts in 2018. Click here for the latest update.

Bench bonus

A bench that uses the sun to charge up to three smartphones at once is currently available for community use in Hindley Street.

The City of Adelaide has facilitated a trial of the solar smart bench technology by the Adelaide West End Association outside of 75-77 Hindley Street, from April through to the end of May 2018. 

The smart bench seats four people and – with a built-in wireless charging capability and two publicly accessible USB connectors – it can charge up to three mobile phones at once, as well as provide internet connection to users. The bench also has adaptive ambient lighting – so you can make use of its functions no matter how dark it gets!

That’s not rubbish!

A smart bin on trial along Currie Street, Adelaide
A smart bin on trial along Hindley Street, Adelaide

Smart waste technology could be key to cleaner city streets with a Council trial of solar-powered smart bins in Hindley and Bank Streets producing positive results.

A built-in sensor and compactor in the bin signals when it needs emptying and lets each hold up to eight times more litter than normal. Next up? 18 city bins retro-fitted with fill-monitoring sensors have already been deployed in Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga.

Green, glorious green

Light the night

Safer streets, less emissions and cost savings – three reasons Council’s replacing all city street lights by 2020 with LEDs or LEDs + smart lighting technology.

A trial saw lights along Pirie Street and Hindmarsh Square / Mukata replaced with dimmable LEDs and presence sensors so they brighten on-demand. The results were impressive. LEDs save 40-50 per cent in energy consumption, with sensors adding 8-10 per cent. Real-time monitoring also means faster fault maintenance, improving city safety.

Green gauges

Six sensors around the City will collect vital ‘green data’ on factors like CO₂, dust and temperature levels as part of a Smart Environmental Monitoring pilot. The data will be made public to help create innovative ways to improve the city experience.

Adelaide Smart City Studio, Pirie Street, Adelaide
Adelaide Smart City Studio, Pirie Street, Adelaide

Smart hub

A space where innovative minds can connect, get help bringing ideas to life and showcase their wares to the world – Adelaide Smart City Studio is ‘at your service’: 25 Pirie Street, Adelaide.

More info at

Charge up

Following installation in 2017 of free USB chargebars at Councils City Library and Customer Centre, charging stations are now also available for public use at all three City of Adelaide Community Centres, the North Adelaide Golf Course, Adelaide Aquatic Centre and Adelaide Central Market.

In 2018, these indoor chargebars will be complemented by the installation of three solar-powered outdoor USB charge stations along North Terrace, Rundle Mall and Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga. These free 24/7 access points will be super handy for people looking to charge up their digital devices any time of the day or night.

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