What do seventy cans of paint, ninety hours of painting and one determined artist create? A stunning two-storey mural!

Tucked in a courtyard off Hutt Street, artist Sarah Boese worked tirelessly atop a scissor lift for a week to create a mural for the Box Factory Community Centre. The piece is the culmination of months of planning, community workshops and countless conversations with locals and is located, more specifically,on a wall adjacent to the Box Factory at 59 Regent St South, Adelaide.

We paid Sarah a visit mid-mural in early November to observe her skilfully handling aerosol paints with swoops of her arm and flicks of her wrist. It was easy to draw parallels to a dance performance which was quite fitting given the musical theme of the piece. The artwork depicts the mythological figure of Pandora opening a music box. The design perfectly balances the flowing smoky purple and blue surround with pops of electric pink and vibrant butterflies.

Sarah says she designed the scene to represent the hope, curiosity, optimism and resilience of the community. It’s layered with references to the city’s rich culture including Aboriginal smoking ceremonies, the UNESCO City of Music recognition and the animals of the Adelaide Park Lands.

These ideas emerged from workshops and surveys with some 60 enthusiastic contributions. Workshop participants were treated to a quick lesson in aerosol art from Sarah while discussing their ideas. The conversations that emerged were focused around Adelaide’s exciting future which sparked the initial idea for Pandora and the hope-filled box.

The mural is already receiving a warm welcome from locals with many people stopping by to sing their praises to Sarah during the painting process. The wider community celebrated the final product at the Unwrapped: Mural Party on November 30 at the Box Factory. The community spirit was in full flight with friends and neighbours celebrating with a big BBQ and live music beneath the mural.

As Sarah’s ties with the city continue to grow stronger, she’s hoping to create more murals and perhaps bring to life one of the more interesting ideas that emerged from a workshop, a mural of the city’s namesake, Queen Adelaide. Stay tuned…

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Georgie Smith

Georgie Smith

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