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Nestled right near the southern Park Lands is Bici Espresso. Bici is derived from bicicletta, the Italian word for bicycle. Aside from the masses of cyclists that religiously convene at Bici, the sense of Adelaide’s cycling community is clearly emblazoned across the café’s walls.

The back wall pays homage to a 1070-kilometre journey from Melbourne to Adelaide, ridden in support of the Leukaemia Foundation. Owner Danny Leverink was a part of a posse of cyclists who each raised $3,000 to contribute a collective $250,000 to the organisation in 2017. Danny is no stranger in bringing people together to leverage a love of cycling as a conduit to serve the community. Bici Espresso have previously supported The Road Home, CanTeen, Road Raise and Soldier On amongst various other community groups.

Bici is truly a family affair. Owner Toni’s mother Filomena inconspicuously weaves her way through the café, serving up her homemade lasagne which is created from a 47-year-old family recipe. The wide glass cabinet is brimming with freshly made sandwiches and focaccias, baked delights, and sweet treats. The scones boast the perfect golden crust and are served with classic cream and jam. Vegans rejoice as Bici also has an extensive range of vegan snacks.

Toni’s family come from a lineage of micro gardeners. Fresh herbs that grace the plates come direct from Filomena’s garden, while produce is sourced from relatives who still continue to grow an array of goodies. It’s also been a rite of passage for Toni and Danny’s four children, who have all done their dash at the bustling hot spot.

The menu adapts to seasonal produce, with generously piled brunches created by chef, Nicholas Pichon. The French native embarked on his cooking journey at age 14 before honing his craft at 5-star hotels throughout Paris.

He draws on inspiration from different cultures to deliver a menu rich in thoughtful and honest brunch favourites. Fluffy corn fritters are balanced with crisp bacon and topped with a poached egg, rocket and a concoction of fresh salsa. An abundance of avo is layered on sour dough and sprinkled with roasted chickpeas, fresh cherry tomatoes and pepitas – perfectly cooked haloumi optional but highly recommended.

Bici espresso coffee machine

Make the most of the spring sunshine and wander over to Bici on foot or two wheels!

259 Hutt Street, Adelaide


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Vivien Nguyen

Vivien Nguyen