Billie Justice Thomson, Visual Artist

Cultural Heart

Meet our dedicated city creatives, and learn how they are navigating and finding ways to stay creative and connected in the wake of COVID-19.

Billie justice thomson Billie justice thomson in studio

"I’m a painter and illustrator. I work with acrylic and perspex, and I also do digital illustration for magazines and branding.

I’m inspired by the everyday joys of eating and drinking."

I have been so unexpectedly busy in the studio these past few months. I think lots of people were at home wanting to get work done for their homes, and I've been doing lots of illustration work for businesses that have needed to diversify. I've also restructured a bit and become more flexible in what I can offer.

What do you hope to see happen next in the City of Adelaide?

I’m looking forward to seeing the Adelaide Central Market and pubs get back to normal.

Where can we see more of your work?

Instagram and my website.

Images: Sia Duff