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The sweet scent of a blooming rose captured on a gentle breeze is one of nature’s glorious gifts and these beautiful flowers abound in Adelaide.

Throughout the Adelaide Park Lands and city streets there are around 25,000 rose bushes of all different varieties – many planted within formal garden settings that are a sensory spectacular with each new flush, thanks to the year-round efforts of the City of Adelaide’s team of Horticulturalists.

Meet one of the crew caring for our city roses, Anthony Griffin, and get the lowdown on where and when to feast your eyes and senses on these natural wonders!

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All the gardeners in Adelaide love their roses.


The thing I like about roses is they're the gift that keeps on giving, they're the type of thing that your average gardener can look after and maintain, or your expert can do really well.


The more time and effort you put into them, the more they give back.


We've got the perfect growing climate for roses in Adelaide, we've got the cool winters and warm summers. Not a lot of rain so it's good for pests and diseases.


It's a great area for growing roses.


We've got a large team of gardeners all across the city, we've got upwards of 60-odd horticulturalists and they're all experts in their trade and they love what they do.


Throughout the city, we've got an area down by the Riverbank across from the Zoo, south bank, they've got rose beds through there, up through Pennington Gardens and up into Brougham Gardens.


We've got a Rymill Park rose garden, which is the largest rose garden in the city and of course where we are here at Veale Gardens.


They're both - Rymill and Veale are formal rose gardens, with a substantial amount of roses.


It's the spice of life in Veale Gardens, you get a little bit of everything. You've got beautiful perennial beds, beautiful rose garden and all the characters that come along with living in the city.


So, the newest rose garden is the Qingdao Rose Garden, the varieties are bred from the original China rose. The Qingdao rose is around the base of the statue in the garden, it's a couple of years old now so it's beginning to mature nicely and should be flowering really well in the next couple of years.


Oh, the life of a rose. Generally. it's a 10-year cycle for roses in the city. We tend to keep new varieties coming in, so we'll plant, they sort of mature over two to three years and then we'll maintain them for the next 10 years or so.


Obviously by that stage, there was better performing roses so we tend to run a cycle of new varieties when we can. But we also have the old varieties that we tend to maintain as well.


Roses take a fair bit of maintenance, a lot of pruning, a lot of fertilising and mulching through winter months and then of course, it's deadheading throughout their flowering cycle across the summers.


The best times for roses are generally mid-October, that's our first flush of the season, and mid-October through to mid-December for a second flush of flowers and then probably more towards Easter times, March, after summer, we get a late flush that's generally a pretty good time for roses across the city.


My favourite rose is the old-style hybrid Tea Roses the one you'd find in your parents’ front yard, backyard.


They're your Mister Lincoln, your Oklahoma, Blue Moon, Just Joey, the Fragrant Cloud. There's a number of varieties, they've got big blooms and lovely smelling roses.


Where's my favourite rose garden in Adelaide? Well, of course, it's Veale Gardens, but Rymill Park's a fantastic rose garden as well and well worth a look.


So, if you feel like getting out and about and getting some fresh air, come down to the Veale Gardens or Rymill Park or any of the rose gardens around Adelaide and see what we've got to offer.

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