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Coromandel Place in the heart of the CBD is another burgeoning city laneway. Long home to The Historian Hotel - the lure of freshly brewed coffee is sure to entice further foot traffic with this little laneway now the location of the third city-based café in the Fiefy’s business family. City of Adelaide’s Future Retail Adviser, Rhys Moult, sat down with the owners of Fiefy's (over a coffee of course!) to uncover their secret to success.

Fiefy’s in Coromandel Place marks the third installation of what has become an iconic Adelaide entrepreneur story – one which began in 2011 with owners Fiefy Anuwatanaphorn and Tim McDonald.

Fiefys owners
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L-R: Fiefys owners Tim McDonald and Fiefy Anuwatanaphorn.

This newest addition to the Fiefy’s café family revitalises a tenancy in an up and coming laneway and will undoubtedly draw some of their existing clientele while opening the experience to a whole swathe of new Fiefy’s converts.

Guy walking in front of fiefys coromandel place
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Front facade of Fiefys in Coromandel Place.

Broadsheet Adelaide called Fiefy’s “the little coffee shop that could” on the opening of their second café on Flinders Street in 2016. I certainly think this is true and in a chat I had with Fiefy and Tim recently, I started to realise why they have been so successful in what many believe is a trying economic climate.

Coffee cups at fiefys
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The brewing success is not because Fiefy is so determined to provide great coffee and focused on customer connection, though she is that. It’s also not because Tim and Fiefy’s business partnership is founded on love as well as good business acumen, although that is also the case.

I believe their small batch blend for success is based on a tasty dose of planning, a double shot of resilience, a dash of agility when it’s required and a drip of good luck to make their unique tasty business brew. Precisely the business blend that makes Adelaide a great place to live and do business.

Coromandel place sign

Fiefy’s – Coromandel Place

7 Coromandel Place, Adelaide

Fiefy's - Pirie Street

Ground Floor, 45 Pirie Street

Fiefy's - Flinders Street

Ground Floor, 50 Flinders Street

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