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Caleb Maru

"If you type 'refugees' in the news - how often do you get success stories? It's quite rare. The way they're portrayed in the media and sort of demonised and put as a statistic, and the photos that come out - it's really dehumanising. So, giving them a platform to be an artist and share something about them, but also have this backstory of 'yes, they come from this background'; is something that I think is really powerful and really helps to shift those stereotypes and change those ideas around what these young people, and people in general, experience and go through."

Since 2015, Caleb Maru has worked tirelessly, and mostly in his downtime from studying at Adelaide Uni, into getting various youth-focused social enterprises off the ground and making a positive difference to young people's lives.

Tackling subjects like gender equality, racism, mental health, and - in his latest project, Humanitee - issues facing young refugees and asylum seekers; Caleb seeks to provide platforms for young marginalised voices to be heard.

In this episode, this inspiring young man shares how Adelaide's "connected community" helped him bring Humanitee to life, and his hopes that the model can now be used by other socially-conscious organisations to engage with young people, in a way that can raise funds for causes that they care about.

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Visit the Humanitee website for more information about how this social enterprise, co-founded by Caleb and his friend, Akash Patel - came together. Here you can watch four short videos featuring the people whose personal stories inspired each t-shirt design in Humanitee's first online run*. 

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Please note: Crowdfunding for the launch of Humanitee has finished, but for more information about the project and how you can support or collaborate with Humanitee, you can get in touch with Caleb via email

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