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The 2019 Carclew Futures panel
The 2019 Carclew Futures panel. | Image by Daniel Marks.
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Carclew turning tradition on its head

There’s no doubt young people are familiar with the traditional structure of adults sitting in a position of authority making big decisions, especially where money is concerned.

Carclew – the North Adelaide based arts and cultural organisation for people aged 26 and under – asked, “what would happen if you empowered a team of young people with the capability of designing and determining $10,000 of arts funding?”  and as a result, together with the Commissioner for Children and Young People SA, they created the Carclew Futures project.

This initiative turns the age-old model upside-down, giving control to a group of ten 12-15 year olds, handing the reins over to them to make the big calls about funding the arts.

Carclew futures panel members speaking at launch
Carclew Futures project launch event.

It’s a fair responsibility to be charged with making decisions about so much money, but Carclew is certain that with a little guidance, the panel of young people are totally up to the task of directing funding for future art creation. The panel will decide whether one or multiple recipients will receive funding, how much each will receive and why. They have even designed the framework and process to determine who will be funded. 

Carclew Chief Executive, Tricia Walton says, “Carclew Futures is a true testament to putting decisions in young hands. This group of astounding young people have devised their own vision for how art should be financially supported, and the outcomes they want to see with a significant pool of funding.” 

One of the Carclew Futures panel members speaking at the launch event.
Carclew Futures project launch event. | Image by Morgan Sette.

The young members of the panel each bring different backgrounds and interests to the table. To understand what it takes to make their decisions, together with Carclew’s Peer Facilitator and Lead Facilitator, the group has visited exhibitions, performances and creative spaces, and enjoyed in-depth conversations with artists, producers, curators, funding officers and arts mentors.

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Helen Connolly, Commissioner for Children and Young People said “I’m delighted to be partnering with Carclew for Carclew Futures. It demonstrates our commitment to enabling the right of children to express their views and imagine the world as they would create it. This project will demonstrate the capacity of children to steer organisational directions and be responsible agents of change.

Applications for the Carclew Futures project are welcome from artists of any age. If you or someone you know is interested in applying for funding to create original art visit for more information. Applications close 6 May, 2019.

Rebecca Moyle-Croft

Rebecca Moyle-Croft

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