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Adelaide is full of places where you can ignite your creative spark. We invited five local culture makers to share what gets their creative juices flowing and where they head to in the city to seek inspiration or simply reflect and unwind.

I relish spending an afternoon at the JamFactory among the inspiring work in the galleries and available in the shop. There’s such a positive and creative energy flowing that it’s hard not to walk away with a head full of ideas. I love watching the glass blowing in winter – it’s meditative and inspiring.

I find relaxing among nature hugely inspirational, which is why I like to walk aimlessly through the Botanic Gardens. We’re so lucky to have the gardens in the heart of the city. I love letting my mind wander and often find that, along with losing track of time, stepping outside lets me reset and frees my mind for ideas and solutions.

Having a pretty hectic schedule I don't always have much time, so sipping on a quick coffee or pressed juice with notebook in hand is a great way to catch a short break and soak in the beautiful vibrant city we live in. We’re blessed with so many fantastic cafes, juice bars and pockets of green in the city that it’s easy to find a spot to sit and soak in the day. I love people-watching and seeing the jewellery they wear. I often find a simple shape or way a piece hangs inspires and sparks a whole range of possibilities for new designs.

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Luke Wilcox outside FELTspace.

For creative inspiration in Adelaide I go to a variety of amazing art galleries. There are so many brilliant artists here making work that inspires me, confuses me or gives me a new perspective – all things I love about art.

My favourite is FELTspace in the Central Market precinct, which celebrates ten years in 2018. A small space in a great location, the exhibitions change monthly and the openings, on the first Wednesday evening of each month, are a highlight. They also project video art into their front window after dark.

Floating Goose Studios Inc. is a fantastic gallery run by another group of artists. They also have artist studios out the back where many of my friends have spaces for painting and making.

Samstag Museum of Art has a phenomenal team of women running one of the most highly regarded art galleries in the country. Some of the best artists from around Australia and the world show in its beautiful purpose-built gallery. Their 2018 program and artist line-up is 100 per cent blockbuster!

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Seeing the work produced by talented people in this city across music, visual art, performing arts and design gets me thinking about how to reach those who want to see new things, but don’t yet know about them.

The Santos Museum of Economic Botany in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens is one place I like to go to. It houses some really unique displays like 19th century German papier mâché and changing exhibitions. It's a great place to think about the relationship between humans and plants, geography, nutrition, biology, chemistry, botany, ethnobotany and anthropology.

Wandering through alleys used mostly for bins is a good place to find street art and shortcuts through the city. These and other neglected spaces can be good places to think about possibilities because they have more character than a 'blank canvas' and are socially un-utilised.

I also love records and record stores. Transition Records and Streetlight Adelaide are favourites. I used to really love Big Star on Rundle Street too, and even met Brian Wilson there once.

Yasmin gurreeboo laptop e for ethel cafe

Yasmin Gurreeboo at E for Ethel Cafe in North Adelaide.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what sparks my creativity, as this can happen at any time; I could be chatting to a friend, eating Pho, sitting on the tram – anything and anyone can get my juices flowing.

I like having creative meetings in public spaces where you can buy a good cup of coffee and hear what’s being said. E for Ethel is an old favourite from when I lived north of the city. The food’s yummy and well-priced. I love looking at, and occasionally buying, all the different, locally produced arts and crafts on sale.

The booths in The Lobby at the Hilton Adelaide are just fab, with lots of comfy seats to choose from. Even though it’s a public space, meetings feel private and they do a great chai latte. My place is just around the corner, which is a bonus!

I’m very lucky to live in an Artist Co-op and all the houses have studios. The light’s amazing and I love how this changes throughout the day. I’ve divided the space into three separate areas; one where I can move and stretch, a reading corner, and an office. It’s also a space I share with my six- year old son, who enjoys being busy in the office.

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I work out of the shed in the backyard of the home I share with my wife, Peta and two kids, Wolfie (four) and Luka (two). It’s quiet and convenient but can be pretty isolating. Getting out and doing things completely unrelated to my arts practice is often the best way to clear my mind and make space for new ideas.

I'm a sports lover, especially cricket and footy, so what better place to go than Adelaide Oval. It’s not just the atmosphere but also the psychology of the spectacle I enjoy.

I love taking my kids to the Adelaide Zoo. We have fun spying on the animals in their enclosures and they think the new nature playground is lots of fun. It’s also a great place to connect with the natural world without having to leave the city.

Visiting the Adelaide Botanic Gardens is particularly relaxing and another great thing to do with the kids. There’s something wondrous about wandering amongst the trees and plants, and parking along Plane Tree Drive always reminds me of WOMAD which is a blast!

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