EcoCaddy’s new free self-guided tours make exploring Adelaide a cinch

Sustainable City

If you’ve ever wandered the streets of Adelaide, there is a good chance you’ve seen an EcoCaddy zip past. The 22 EcoCaddy strong fleet is powered by a combination of electrical assistance and the fancy footwork of a rider who will pedal you to your destination at up to 25km per hour.

Since the company’s inception in 2014, Adelaidians have embraced the sustainable and sleek Moso bamboo tricycles on many a trip around the city and North Adelaide. More than 250,000 trips actually, which equates to over 375,000 kilometres travelled and 82 tonnes of carbon emissions saved. Founder Daniels Langeberg reflects on the company’s journey so far.

"We set out on a journey 6 years ago to make a positive impact on our environment and our community. The most rewarding thing has been seeing our environmental and social impact ratchet up over the years."
Daniels Langeberg, EcoCaddy founder

In addition to reducing Adelaide’s carbon footprint, EcoCaddy also bring together Adelaide’s community of cycling enthusiasts and are a trusted source of being in the know about all things culture and cool.

Daniels has taken to the ground on two wheels to do his own research when it comes to exploring the city streets - with the first stop being coffee, of course.

"Jason, the owner of Mornings Coffee on Peel Street, makes an extraordinary cup of coffee that comes with the most incredible complimentary almond biscuits. Bonus points for a wide range of milks, including his homemade almond varieties!"

It’s only fitting that Café Troppo on Whitmore Square is his top pick for a bite. There’s ample parking space nearby which is embraced by the friendly staff, who all happen to ride to work. The café’s ecological ideals are embodied both within their built structure and menu. You’ll find natural and salvaged materials lining the walls, while the menu is brimming with hyper local sustainable produce.

Daniels enthusiasm of sharing city gems has been woven through EcoCaddy’s range of tours, including an Adelaide Historic Tour, City Sights Experience, Street Art Green Adventure Tour and the Scenic Green & River Experience. The tours cover everything from our most prominent buildings, spectacular street art, our deep ties with the Kaurna people, bustling laneways, and the beautiful backdrop of the Park Lands.

“We love offering a range of different experiences to cater to the many different things our city has to offer. Each of our tours offer some basic need-to-knows about Adelaide and then is tailored around a unique theme that is presented by our super talented young-at-heart local hosts.”

If you’re keen to go on an adventure alone or with pals, you’re in luck. EcoCaddy have released a range of free self-guided tours. The tours are inspired by their pre-COVID free Night Ride Experience that was a weekly Tuesday Adelaide cycling adventure curated by EcoCaddy’s very own hosts - so you know you’re in for a treat.

The self-guided tours are segmented by difficulty so you can go at your leisure or embrace a challenge. There are family-friendly rides and loads of extra info to get you going seamlessly. Each tour comes complete with an interactive map that gives you hot tips for picnic spots, playgrounds, car free pathways, and delicious eateries. EcoCaddy will be drawing from their extensive knowledge of the city streets to release a new journey every fortnight!

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