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Eileen Sharman (1920-1991), a retired teacher/administrator with the Education Department of South Australia, was elected to the City of Adelaide as Councillor for Young Ward 1980-1987. She served on the Sister Cities Committee 1983-1987, was appointed to the Local Government Association of South Australia and to the Metropolitan Central Region in 1983 as well as serving on the Adelaide High School Council.

Sharman was Director of the International Film Festival for Children in Adelaide from 1974. The Festival was recognised by the Centre International du Film pour l’Enfance et la Jeunesse and had an international judging panel. She later become the Director of the International Film Festival for Young Australians presented by the South Australian Council for Children's Films and Television Inc.

Through these roles, Sharman contributed to our city’s rich history in screen production; Adelaide is home to some of the world’s best screen practitioners, visual effects, sound and post-production companies.

Celebrating 125 years of women's suffrage in South Australia.

Image: 1985 Annual Report, Archives Collection