Encounter Youth Green Team return to Hindley Street

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From providing help to anyone in distress, to hanging out with those who just want to chat, the volunteers driving the Encounter Youth Hindley Street Program have provided a supportive presence within this popular city entertainment area for close to ten years now. While their services weren't required for several months due to the COVID-19 situation, with more venues reopening throughout Adelaide, the program recommenced on Saturday 4 July 2020.

Green team

Easy to spot in their bright green branded hoodies and jackets, a group of Green Team volunteers patrol the Hindley Street entertainment precinct on Saturday nights between 11:30 pm and 5:00 am. The team respond to incidents, offer referrals to relevant services, provide a safe presence, give out free bottled water and generally make themselves available to help out Hindley Street patrons in any way they can.

Green team image

The work of these generous and compassionate volunteers has proven invaluable. During 2019/20, the Encounter Youth Green Team had positive interactions with 10,845 young people, responded to 46 incidents where young people required emergency service assistance. They also supported numerous young people in vulnerable situations due to excessive alcohol consumption thus preventing further harm from occurring, and actively encouraged and supported 173 young people to head home after excessive alcohol consumption.

Encounter youth hindley street program


During the COVID-19 restrictions, Encounter Youth used the time they weren't required on the street to build a new online training system enabling them to train their volunteer teams online.

They also provided opportunities for the young people they support to in turn support others in a vulnerable situation by partnering with other charities who were in need of extra volunteers during COVID-19.

To assist the volunteers with their return to Hindley Street, the City of Adelaide provided the team with hand sanitiser and face masks. These tools will enable the volunteers to more safely work with intoxicated young people, who may be less likely to follow social distancing requirements.

The Encounter Youth Hindley Street Program is supported by the South Australian Government through the Attorney-General’s Department and SA Police as part of their crime prevention strategies. The City of Adelaide supports this program through the provision of storage space in UPark Light Square.

Discover more about this award-winning youth program in this short video. 

Find out more about Encounter Youth at their website.