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Life can look very different depending where you're standing. Here's a few family-friendly activities that could have you seeing Adelaide in a whole new light this summer.

On two wheels or four

Get some air! Blue Gum Park / Kurangga (Park 20) in the South Park Lands has four BMX Tracks, including a Pump Track.

The gently rolling Beginner Track attracts toddlers on balance bikes and trikes. The Intermediate Track is for riders able to roll over or jump the high ‘lips’. The Advanced Track, maintained by volunteers, is for experienced riders (remove the tarps first and water the jumps before and during riding). The all-abilities Pump Track is a special circuit designed to be ridden by riders ‘pumping’ their bike (moving it through up and down body movements) instead of pedalling or pushing it. Visit the City Direct Crew website for track info. Riders must wear helmets plus suitable safety and protective wear.

BMX Track image credit Jono Coy
photo-icon Jono Coy

If four wheels is more your thing, the temporary skate park in Ityamai-itpina (Park 15) - within the Park Lands, just off Wakefield Road – is the place to go while the new City Skate Park is being planned and built in Park 25. With jumps, ramps and rails as well as three half-courts basketball courts, a shelter and picnic space, the temporary skate park is a top destination for skateboarders as well as BMX and scooter riders.

From the river

Adelaide’s iconic Popeye boats depart daily through summer from the Elder Park and Adelaide Zoo Landings, taking guests on an entertaining and informative 45 minute sightseeing cruise along the River Torrens / Karrawirra Pari.

The Popeye boats are now licensed boats so you can book in for special events including relaxing High Tea's on Sundays, Gin Masterclasses through the week and evening onboard screenings of some classic flicks with Popeye Pictures. They also have their exclusive Dream Boat party setting sail during the Adelaide Fringe.

Be sure to book online for the special events and regular cruises during the busy summer season. Prices range from $10 - $65 for tickets.

Gin masterclass on popeye


For a special family event (up to six people), spend two hours on the water soaking up city views from the breezy comfort of a BBQ Buoy. The Family Ahoi package gets you an icy esky, drinks, Bluetooth speakers, cutlery, plates and BBQ grill or table! 

Prices and bookings are available online.

BBQ Buoys

From down below

Explore Adelaide’s subterranean secrets by booking an Old Treasury & Tunnels Tour. 

From floods to historic reforms, Adelaide’s Old Treasury (built in 1839 on the corner of Flinders and King William Streets, and now the Adina Apartment Hotel), has seen plenty of action. Sunday tours take you to underground passages where gold from Victoria was stored to be smelted into Australia’s first gold coin, the Adelaide Pound.

2020 tours, run by the National Trust of South Australia, start 19 January. Visit this website for pricing and availability. Bookings essential.

Adelaide old treasury tour


If shiny gemstones – or dinosaurs for that matter - are more you or your children’s thing, take the city-based ‘Coober Pedy Experience’ at the Unique Opal Mine store in the city’s retail heart, Rundle Mall.

In this simulated underground opal mine, you can see the veins of real opal as they’d naturally occur in the rock, watch a short doco on how these colourful natural creations come to life and where you can find them throughout Australia. You might even get lucky and be able to watch an on-site jeweller cutting and polishing a raw stone into a gorgeous gem. Oh, and yes – for the dinosaur devotee - the store here is home to a 100-million-year old opalised Plesiosaur - one of only eight ever discovered.

From up high

An Adelaide Oval RoofClimb is a very spectacular way to see the city. An option for kids 12 years and up (plus height and weight restrictions), it’s a sky-high journey along the impressive curved roofline of Adelaide Oval’s Western Stand roofline – led by a RoofClimb leader. Head to their website for pricing and availability.

If you prefer the idea of immersing yourself in nature then consider a trip to Blue Gum Park / Kurrangga (Park 20). Since it opened in late 2018, thrill-seekers of all ages have been heading to south-eastern corner of this park (where Greenhill and Unley Roads meet), to experience TreeClimb Adelaide – Australia’s first inner-city aerial adventure park, with zip lines. Swing, leap, climb and fly through seven elevated treetop courses – learning a little about the biodiversity of the Adelaide Park Lands along the way thanks to signs created with the City of Adelaide’s Sustainability Team highlighting some of the local flora and fauna. Going up into the trees comes down to height, not age, so visit their website for pricing and entry conditions.

Adelaide Tree Climb adult
photo-icon TreeClimb Adelaide / SATC

For some free family fun with views, cross safely over Unley Road to Oxbow Playspace in nearby Pelzer Park / Pityarilla (Park 19) and scramble up the large wooden climbing frame with rope net.

If you're looking for inspiration on how to make the most of summer in the city - check out our handy summer guide!

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