Five ways to save your money and skin on the road

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Free parking and arriving safe and sound? Yes please. Being savvy on the street can save you more than money. Whether you’re walking, driving or riding, keep these tips in mind when getting around the city.

1. Free parking

If the task of finding a park puts you off shopping in the city, you may be surprised to know you can park some places for free! No strings attached – just more coins on your pocket.

Adelaide Central Market

Just off Gouger and Grote Streets, you can often park safely for one hour at no cost at all! This sweet deal is in effect during market hours Monday to Saturday at UPark Central Market. See the Central Market website.

North Adelaide

You can park for two hours for free in North Adelaide and have a very leisurely coffee along a beautiful tree-lined street. The car park offering this excellent deal is attached to the North Adelaide Village, accessible from Archer Street and Tynte Street. See the North Adelaide Village website.

2. In the zone

The shared zones throughout the city operate in a different way to regular streets and pedestrian malls.

Share and save

A shared zone is like a giant pedestrian crossing – imagine the whole road is zebra striped. A driver in a shared zone must give way to pedestrians.

Failing to give way to a pedestrian in a shared zone could cost you a $422 SAPOL fine plus demerit points.

Watch your speed

The speed limit in a shared zone is 10km/h. Speeding in a shared zone could set you back a minimum $240 SAPOL fine plus demerit points.

Bank street

Bank Street shared zone.

3. The Dutch reach

Just parked at your favourite café and itching to grab a coffee? Hold on! No matter how much of a rush you’re in, there is one simple step to take before you open your car door – and it could save a life!

To prevent yourself opening your car door into the path of a cyclist, simply open the door with your hand furthest from the door. By reaching across your body you automatically swivel to look over your shoulder to check for cyclists before opening the door. Tie a ribbon on your handle to remind you to take this simple step to avoid a devastating accident.

This tip, originating in the cycling-centric Netherlands, is also handy to protect drivers and their vehicles from traffic – a great way to save on car repairs!

4. Side by side 

It’s a good idea to keep extra alert when you’re driving beside or riding along the separated bikeway on Frome Street.

Who gives way?

  • Drivers: If you see a bike approaching – wait until it passes before turning left.
    • Officially: A bike rider may pass or overtake on the left of a vehicle, when the vehicle is indicating to turn left but is stationary.
  • Cyclists: If a vehicle is in the process of turning left – don’t ride in front of it.
    • Officially: A bike rider must not pass or overtake on the left of a vehicle that is indicating to turn left and is turning.

Watch walkers

Drivers and cyclists should always keep an eye out for pedestrians on the road and bikeway. For cyclists, if a pedestrian is crossing the bikeway at a pedestrian crossing – stop your bike.


Bikeway on Frome Street.

5. Catch a ride

Pack a paperback and let someone else do the driving! The Adelaide Metro’s Park’n’Ride service lets you park in the suburbs and catch the bus, O-Bahn or train to the city. In some places parking is free and in others it costs as little as $2 per day!

They have over 10,800 carparks over Adelaide at 72 locations including significant parking available at at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Seaford Meadows, Tea Tree Plaza and Noarlunga.

    The information in this article was correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. Updated 3/11/20