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Whether you want to save a few dollars or help the environment, there are simple steps you can take at home to reduce your winter energy use.

With more people opting to live in apartments in Adelaide, City of Adelaide is supporting sustainable city living in smaller spaces. 

For those already in an apartment, you might be in a position to think big, and consider projects that apply to the whole building like solar power, solar hot water, energy efficiency in the common areas which will require getting to know the strata manager and committee members. 

City of Adelaide recently updated its highly successful Sustainability Incentives Scheme, which now provides a new rebate for shared solar systems on apartment buildings as well as efficiency in common areas. Connect and chat with other residents in your apartment building, and you could put forward a case for energy improvements in the building that benefit everyone. Check out the updated incentives available, eligibility criteria and how to apply.

“The challenge for people living in apartments, especially renters, is they often have little control of the energy use throughout the building. Getting to know the strata manager and committee members can be a good pathway to having your say on how energy is managed. You may even be able to encourage the installation of a solar system.”

Lynda Curtis, previous Living Smart course facilitator

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Think smart about energy-saving in your apartment.

What you can control is what happens inside your space.

“Draft proofing your apartment is a smart first step,” said Lynda. “Door seals or draft stoppers are cheap, easy to install and reduce the need for heating. If you’re renting and notice window seals have weathered, talk to your landlord about fixing them.”

Other energy saving actions work well wherever you live. 

Try these energy-saving tips this winter

Set the sweet spot 

Space heating should be set between 18-210C. Every degree higher adds an extra 5 to 10 per cent to your heating costs.

Choose LED

Up to 80 per cent of lighting costs can be saved by swapping incandescent and halogen lights with LEDs.

Only heat what you need

When you flick on the heater, close doors to other rooms and windows to keep heat in. This will reduce the area needing heating and therefore the energy consumption of the unit.

Embrace the sun

Open curtains or shading devices on north-facing windows during the day. Letting the sun in will heat the space for free.

Switch off

Appliances can account for up to a third of your energy use. Switch them off at the wall when not needed, or use a smart power board. The same applies for lighting.

Rug up

Sounds obvious, but how many times do you turn the heater on before you pull on a warm jumper or throw a blanket over your knees?

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