Get involved with your Council

People of Adelaide

What do you like about this city? What would you like to see change? What would make your street better, the spaces around you more welcoming or more interesting?

As a community member, there are several different ways you can get involved with the City of Adelaide. Each opportunity presents an avenue to work together to achieve the biggest impact in the places we live and the spaces we use - providing you a chance to be an active participant in driving the future of the city.

Here are three ways you can get involved with the City of Adelaide.

Participate through community engagement

The City of Adelaide conducts over 80 community engagements a year, such as gathering ideas around shaping a space and inviting feedback regarding policy development. If you haven’t already, start participating today.

Having your say about a council’s project, plan or policy is important as it can make a difference in the planning and decision-making process. Your contribution helps provide different perspectives, improve projects and services, and helps establish open dialogue between yourself and council.

Let’s build and shape this city together. Learn more about community engagement and our current projects at

Become a volunteer

Volunteering is a highly valued and rewarding activity. Our volunteers in the City of Adelaide significantly contribute to many of the positive experiences of residents, businesses, visitors and students.

As a volunteer, you can share your passion, abilities and skills in meaningful ways that contributes towards strengthening community capacity.

Co A Volunteers AL online

City of Adelaide volunteers helping keep our Adelaide Park Lands beautiful.

Council elections

Participating in the City of Adelaide elections, either in nominating to be on Council yourself, or voting for people to represent you, is an opportunity to shape not only your neighbourhood but the overall future of the city.

Who can enrol?

If you own a property in the city, or if you’re a resident and vote in State/Federal elections, you are automatically enrolled.

Residents who have lived in the city for one month (you don’t have to be an Australian Citizen) can enrol by completing the form available on our website.

Businesses who occupy property in the city can enrol by making sure Council has your details. You can complete a form, the online form, or send an email.

To learn more about City of Adelaide's upcoming Council elections, including how to enrol, visit this website.