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Posted on 08 Jan 2019

As you scoot between city events this summer, be sure to stop and enjoy some of Adelaide’s diverse collection of public artworks*. From large-scale murals to sculptures and light installations, there’s something to feast your eyes on at almost every turn.

AFL legend and now successful contemporary visual artist, Gavin Wanganeen, is a passionate supporter of the city’s vibrant public art scene.

Long sunny days, starry evenings and an atmosphere buzzing with colour, creativity and culture. The start of the year is a brilliant time to be in Adelaide. Check out these tips on ways to extend your summer event season experience in the city.

“I love that, when people come into the CBD, they can be visually stimulated by colours, vibrancy and artistic diversity. It’s another way of celebrating inclusiveness and it really adds character and soul, and simply brightens up your day."
Gavin Wanganeen, contemporary visual artist and 2018 Adelaide Fringe Ambassador

This year, Gavin is an Ambassador of the Adelaide Fringe which champions visual creativity through its popular Street Art Explosion program where Australia’s best emerging and established artists are commissioned to create large-scale murals across the city and suburbs.

With the help of a City of Adelaide ‘Quick Response’ Arts & Cultural Grant, the Adelaide Fringe was able to commission emerging painter, Matthew Clarke, who identifies as having an intellectual disability, to create a large-scale creative interpretation in Union Street of his poster design for this year’s Fringe. Check it out below or click here to find a map showing all the works in the Street Art Explosion program.

To steer you in the direction of some excellent art eye candy, we asked Gavin to share his top public art stops in Adelaide – plus we’ve included one of our own favourites below - a new addition just near the Box Factory Community Centre.

Gavin’s picks

Something new to view

Box Factory Mural

Aerosol artist Sarah Boese, in front of her mural Pandora's Box.

We love the newest addition to the city’s south-east neighbourhood - a spectacular two-storey community mural created by Adelaide aerosol artist, Sarah Boese. The local community was invited to have input into Sarah’s design process – sharing their thoughts with her through a series of workshops and an online survey.

Pandora’s Box is a mesmerising portrait featuring fluid forms and vivid colours, representing the musical, curious and hopeful community.

Watch this mural 'in the making' in this awesome time lapse video!

Discover how the City of Adelaide might be able assist you in your next creative venture in the city with an Arts and Cultural Grant.

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