photo-icon Raining Poetry in Adelaide: Poem by Scott-Patrick Mitchell.

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It's raining poetry

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A little bit of magic has been sprinkled onto the city streets, brightening up Adelaide's rainy days.

As a part of Raining Poetry in Adelaide, a team of students have been busy stencilling our paths with short poems, written by some very talented local poets.

Now in its fourth year and featuring 20 poems, postgraduates of J. M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice (The University of Adelaide), had the arduous task of choosing just 15 poems from close to 200 submissions this year. The other five were hand-selected by acclaimed Australian poet, Jill Jones.

 Before and after. It's like magic! The writing is totally undetectable when dry.  

Inspired by a similar project in Boston USA, the poems are stencilled onto footpaths using invisible hydrophobic paint, which only becomes visible when wet.

So, next time it’s raining, pop up your umbrella and pop down your eyes. You might just be taken on a short, but whimsical journey by a local lyrical genius.

And if it’s not raining, well, you could always sneakily pour a little of your bottled water onto it.

The process. Spraying the hydrophobic paint onto a laser-cut stencil.

You’ll find these enchanting poems in various locations around the city. The Raining Poetry in Adelaide team have also thoughtfully plotted the locations into a map for you.

This year’s project will officially be launched in collaboration with the monthly poetry reading series No Wave on the 2 September.

"It feels magical to walk the streets of Adelaide and stumble upon poems blossoming on the pavement when it starts raining." Camille Roulière, Raining Poetry in Adelaide Project Coordinator

Raining Poetry in Adelaide is a project funded using one of the City of Adelaide’s ‘Quick Response’ Arts & Cultural Grants. Funding of up to $2,000 is available, year-round, under this category. Do you have an idea that would help contribute to a welcoming and dynamic city full of rich and diverse experiences? Find out more about the Arts & Cultural Grants on offer.

If you would like to find out about submitting poems for Raining Poetry in Adelaide, you can contact the team via their social platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.