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Moving to the other side of the world, away from familiar sights and sounds, can be challenging. Thankfully, there are city-based initiatives helping international students and migrants settle into their new lives in Adelaide.

Talking with Aussies and The Welcome Dinner Project have different formats, but their goal is the same: to introduce new arrivals to friendly long-term locals who simply want someone else’s Adelaide experience to be the best it can be.

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Talking with Aussies is a University of Adelaide-run program where established locals help out international students.

Talking with Aussies

The University of Adelaide’s Talking with Aussies program matches locals with international students, who then get together for about an hour once a week for a casual chat over a coffee or maybe a stroll in the Park Lands. Ranging in age and backgrounds, local volunteers include students, working professionals and retirees. The main aim is to help international students improve their spoken English.

The Welcome Dinner Project

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The Welcome Dinner Project – forging friendships over a shared meal.

The Welcome Dinner Project is run by the non-profit organisation joiningthedots and supported locally by StudyAdelaide and the City of Adelaide. It works on the premise that food is an excellent conversation starter. New arrivals connect with well-established locals over a shared meal in a family home or community space – even at a local park. Trained volunteers facilitate the dinners, and everyone brings a plate of food from their culture to share ‘pot-luck-style’.

Both programs generate huge interest from new arrivals so, if you’d like to help someone new in town feel more at home and maybe learn something or make a friend yourself, now's your chance!

For more details on the Talking with Aussies program, visit the University of Adelaide website and for more info on The Welcome Dinner Project visit their website.

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