Keeping Adelaide party pretty

At Work

Often while you’re sleeping, the City of Adelaide’s 220-strong Public Realm team is busy ensuring the city puts its best foot forward.

Each day, the Cleansing crew sweep a mighty 183 kms of road and footpath, clean over 630 bins and attend to 40 public toilets.

Horticulture tend nine hectares of Adelaide Park Lands daily and mow over 540 hectares of grass annually!

Infrastructure & Maintenance maintain almost 5,000 street and bridge lights each year, so city residents and visitors (of which there’s plenty across summer) feel safe. Summer also sees extra temporary bike racks put out to make city cycling more convenient.

As well as decorating the city with lights and banners, the Depot & Facilities Services crew make everyone’s life easier by maintaining over 1,000 pieces of plant and equipment.

Just a little something to consider when you set out on your next city adventure!

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Skye Murtagh

Skye Murtagh

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