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There’s a good reason why over 320,000 people have already visited Adelaide’s three City Libraries this year and that’s because they’re all incredible creative places – designed to inspire, connect and set your imagination in motion!

Alongside shelves brimming with beautiful books, you’ll find activity areas, workshop spaces and digital hubs buzzing with the latest technology. They’re also home-away-from-home for a passionate team of people committed to creating a ‘place of possibility’ where everyone’s welcome to connect, create and be inspired.

We asked three of the team to share a little of their personal library journeys and some facts about the library you might be surprised to learn.

Sue Lawrence, Senior Coordinator, Lifelong Learning

"I’ve worked in the Adelaide City Libraries for 23 years. During this time, I’ve seen the role of libraries transform from being a place to borrow books, CDs & DVDs to a place where the community can participate in lifelong learning, from art and music, to digital literacy and wellbeing."
Sue Lawrence

Adelaidecitylibrary sue

Fun fact about me: I enjoy scrapbooking, cardmaking and going to the football.

A day at the library is: Inspiring, surprising and fun!

My favourite South Australian book: The Blue Ribbon Cookbook by Liz Harfull. It’s a wonderful collection of recipes, stories and tips from South Australian country show cooks.

Favourite library space: Studio One at City Library. There’s always people about and something happening in this space whether it be Lego Club, an event such as Philosophy Café or an exhibition.

Many people don’t realise… the library offers opportunities to create music, video or even a virtual world.

My favourite library program: The National Museum of Australia series. It provides an opportunity to experience an interactive tour of the exhibits with the curators in the comfort of the library.

Nick Porter, Customer Service Representative

"Whilst holidaying in the UK I took the opportunity to visit the British Library (so amazing), and so began my devotion to the world of books. Libraries have always been part of my life!"
Nick Porter

Adelaidecitylibrary nick

Fun fact about me: I have a passion for horses. The last book I read was Shy boy: The horse that came in from the wild by Monty Roberts.

Favourite library space: The adult non-fiction collection. There’s such a world of learning to be explored, from artificial intelligence to Spanish cooking.

My favourite South Australian book: Storm Boy by Colin Thiele.

Many people don’t realise… the library offers an array of programs and services in the digital space, including video and photo editing, 3D printing, virtual reality, robotics, learning how to become a Google master and Skype training.

My favourite library program: Out and About, because we get to take the library out to the community. I’ve taken the Out and About program to the Adelaide Fringe and WOMAD, and the response was amazing.

Magnolia Paulino, Library Centre Coordinator

"Combining my extensive customer service experience in the airline industry and my constant thirst for knowledge, the library is just the perfect place for me."
Magnolia Paulino

Adelaidecitylibrary magnolia

A day at the library is: interesting – each day is different! Just like a box of chocolate, you don’t know what you’re going to get!

The last book I read: If I could tell you just one thing … by Richard Reed. It’s a collection of advice from some of the famous and remarkable people of our time, from Bill Clinton and Annie Lennox, to Heston Blumenthal.

Fun fact about me: I sing out loud, on my own, in the car on the way to work. I make sure all car windows are fully shut when I do this.

Many people don’t realise… our Virtual Library has grown so much and continues to do so. It has so much to offer, from music streaming and eBooks, to digital comics and hundreds of magazine titles. Our recent addition is Kanopy, so you can watch movies online.

My favourite library program: Family Storytime. Promoting literacy in a fun and interactive way makes reading the most enjoyable activity of all. The program also provides opportunity for families to interact and connect with other families.

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Kate Klavins

You’ll usually find Kate exploring Adelaide’s gardens, bookstores and art galleries. The detail in even the tiniest bloom won’t escape her attention, a trait that goes well beyond the florist.