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For convenience, culture and cuisine, city life can’t be beat. If you’re after even more from where you live, Adelaide’s résumé is brimming with reasons why setting up house here is one of the best life decisions you can make.

Thanks to a design dreamed up by South Australia’s first Surveyor General, Colonel William Light, Adelaide possesses unique features that make living here exceptional.

In his planning, Light put people first. Genius? We think so, and we’re not alone.

Light arranged the city in an ‘easy to get around’ grid-like pattern and then wrapped the whole place up in the leafy embrace of the Adelaide Park Lands. What he created was the world’s only ‘city in a park’ – a place where you can tap into all the trimmings of a cosmopolitan capital city life, while living in balance with nature.

If you work or study in the city, or visit from near or far, you quickly discover the friendliness, creativity, historic charm and community spirit for which Adelaide is renowned. But to fully experience all the qualities that place Adelaide consistently among the world’s most liveable cities, is to make a home here – just like these two city residents, Annie and Jack ..


Wherever you’re at in life: flying solo, raising a family, downsizing or considering a move from interstate or overseas – Adelaide is a great city to call home and apartments are becoming a popular first choice for property buyers.

Self employed agent and yoga teacher, Annie and her partner Jack, who’s now enjoying retirement, bought their contemporary apartment in the CBD’s south-east about 18 months ago.

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Apartment living in Adelaide
For this couple, city living means comfort, convenience and a sense of community

The idea of moving to the city was sparked by the departure of their adult-age children from the family home of some 23 years in the Adelaide suburbs. What sealed the deal was discovering the place they now call home.

“We weren’t seriously looking, but when we found this apartment by chance one Sunday, we knew it was for us,” said Annie.

The apartment’s location in a modern complex across from the South Park Lands was a big attraction, as was swapping the hassles of maintaining a suburban home for a simpler yet no less luxurious lifestyle.

“We’re right in the hub of things here,” said Annie. “We can walk to Hutt Street which has all the practical amenities you need as a resident but great eating places too.”

With just a few pot plants to tend, Jack’s enjoying having more time to zip around town on his scooter to catch a movie or play tennis.

“We simply have less to worry about now,” said Jack. “Less cleaning, less repairs and we can just lock the place up to go travel.”

Not that they need to go far to enjoy multi-cultural cuisines or the outdoors. The couple regularly ride their bikes around the Park Lands’ trails and no week goes by without a trip to their local nature playground with their young grandchild, Charli.

“She loves Marshmallow Park and the Himeji Gardens here in the south,” said Annie. “I’ve also taken her to North Adelaide’s Helicopter Playground.”

Family fun in the Adelaide Park Lands
Family fun in the Adelaide Park Lands

For this sociable couple, one of the best outcomes of moving into their city apartment has been recapturing a sense of community they both experienced growing up in smaller country towns.

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“We feel like we’re living in a vertical village here,” said Annie. “When we first moved in people would stop in the foyer and introduce themselves which was nice. Now, every Friday, weather permitting, a whole group of us get together out on the terrace to share some nibbles, a drink and have a laugh.”

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