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It’s amazing what enthusiasm, dedication and hard work can achieve! In 2018, the North Adelaide Community Centre celebrates 20 years of bringing together people from all walks of life through programs and events that champion culture, diversity and positivity.

The centre was officially launched at its home inside the historic North Adelaide Institute building on 6 November, 1998. From the outset, it has been passionate local community members who have generated the ideas for centre activities – and local skills, volunteers and energy that have made them experiences to be enjoyed by the neighbouring community.

To every person who’s contributed their time and creativity, the City of Adelaide extends its heartfelt thanks.

Today a team of some 30 volunteers form the heart of the North Adelaide Community Centre, spending around 2,000 hours every year servicing about 23,000 annual visitors.

As well as vibrant social programs that include multicultural events, artistic workshops, musical concerts, cooking and language classes – the centre runs popular heritage walks and is the meeting point for many important community groups, including the North Adelaide Society. It shares the building with the Tynte Street Library and also offers dynamic cultural programs, an exhibition venue, free access to a productive Community Garden and spaces for hire.

Located at 176 Tynte Street, the North Adelaide Community Centre is open weekdays, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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