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Umbrella Winter City Sounds - 2017
Umbrella Winter City Sounds, Rundle Mall - 2017 | Image by Helen Page
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Music reigns in Adelaide this winter

It’s hard to feel the cold if you’re too busy busting a move! The Umbrella: Winter City Sounds festival showers Adelaide with music events in July so, put your dancing shoes on, head out the front door and go experience a show or two.

From 13-29 July, Umbrella: Winter City Sounds will fill the city and surrounding suburbs with music of varying styles and beats per minute, but with a focus on Adelaide’s homegrown pool of grass roots musicians.

As part of the City of Adelaide’s commitment to supporting a thriving local music industry and cementing our designation as a UNESCO City of Music, Council is a proud partner of Umbrella. This year, our support has helped bring a set of curated music events to the program, with performances at a host of city venues – including a few less conventional spaces!

With its well-stocked shelves of retro hifi and stereo equipment, vintage clothing, records, repurposed lamps and other curiosities, Currie Street’s Vintage Vulture store offers a unique backdrop for the live music performances it presents on the first Thursday of every month. For Umbrella, the venue’s handing over the reins on Saturday 29 July to the ‘dad and daughter duo’ behind Stone Pony – a monthly pop-up music event that’s been presenting original music in Willunga’s Old Show Hall for the past two years.

Local songwriter Jen Lush (the daughter in the duo!) is excited to be ‘saddling up’ the Stone Pony show and bringing a night of ‘Dark Folk’ to the city. On the bill alongside Jen will be local duo Go Fish and Tassie-based Daniel J Townsend.

“We’d heard great things about the Umbrella festival and decided it would be fun to bring Stone Pony to the ‘big smoke’ for our July show and crash the Umbrella party,” said Jen.

“Expect to walk through the door at Vintage Vulture and step into a cosy, eclectic environment; like an eccentric relative’s lounge room and hear some seriously great musicians doing their thing.”

A secret outdoor location in the Adelaide Park Lands will be the site for what’s being billed as a ‘four-hour marathon of live drone and ambient soundscapes’. The Great Southern Drone Ensemble will take place 21 July (4pm-8pm) – but you’ll need to check in with the Music SA website for location details. This one-off public performance will feature a hand-picked ensemble of Adelaide’s darkest electronic and noise artists.

Smart serves - part 2
Naomi Keyte
Naomi Keyte

The Mill in Angas Street is probably best known for its offering of artist studios, creative industry offices and exhibition area – but it also runs a small event space called The Breakout which, for two nights in July, will host ‘Who Run the World’ – a celebration of female SA musicians. Passion Pop (12 July) will feature a trio of Adelaide’s finest female-fronted pop outfits: Nakatoomi, Ferns and Kado. Then Story & Song (19 July) shifts the mood with intimate performances by local songwriters Naomi Keyte (pictured left), Hannah Yates and the band, Sitara.

Other curated Umbrella events are the Opening Street Party in Bank Street, Scouted 2018 at West Oak, Nexus Arts, Jive and Rocket Bar in the West End, Basementality and Day Club at Chateau Apollo, Because of Her, We Can at Tandanya, Universalley at 230 Flinders Street, SconeFest at the Estonian Hall, Americanathon at the Grace Emily Hotel, Keys to the City and Southern Twang at The Edinburgh Castle and East End Eats & Beats at Miss Gladys Sym Choon.

Plus, don’t miss Aqua Beats on the evening of 21 July in Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga – rug up and dance under the stars in the heart of the city! For the full Umbrella program, click here.

A different place to park your event!

Did you know it’s possible to apply to the City of Adelaide to access the rooftop of UPark on Grote Street to run an event?

Earlier this year, an Adelaide film crew shot a video on the rooftop for local band Vanguards’ latest single ‘Forgotten’. Check it out below!

Creating a better balanced future

If you like the idea of using the UPark on Grote Street rooftop as a space for a live music event or other type of activity, an official Development Application needs to be submitted to Council online. The application process does attract a fee and the current turnaround process takes around three months. The Development Application is one step in the process of applying to run an event at a UPark facility, so be sure to read through the complete UPark Event Guidelines here at the outset.

To find out more, contact the Customer Centre:

Ph: 8203 7203

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Skye Murtagh

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