If you’re inspired to ride, the city’s loaded with places to push your pedals.

With tree-lined bike trails winding their way throughout the Adelaide Park Lands and a growing network of on-street bikeways offering safe passage across town, Adelaide is a cyclists’ city.

The Park Lands Trail is a relaxed and safe way for families to explore the natural beauty surrounding Adelaide. Start with some playtime at the Pityarilla Activity Hub in the South Park Lands, then cycle 4 kms to Botanic Park and enjoy a picnic under a shady Moreton Bay Fig tree. Or, set off from the Adelaide Gaol in the West Park Lands and ride 3 kms to the Adelaide Aquatic Centre for a dip in the pool. There are options galore.

On-street cycling routes help thousands of riders who make their way into and out of the city every day. Locals are certainly making good use of the latest extension to the Frome Street bikeway – which allows riders to cycle on a path fully separated from traffic. A digital bike counter near the Pirie Street intersection shows that, on sunny days, around 1,000 bikes use this route daily.

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Riding on the Frome Street bikeway is a breeze.

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