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Friends, family, a delicious spread, a sprinkling of sunshine and a picturesque setting are all the ingredients you need for a picnic. Spring is the ideal time to enjoy a lazy alfresco lunch and with Adelaide surrounded by green Park Lands, there’s no shortage of sensational locations to roll out your rug.

We've listed a few below for you to visit this season - but be sure to tell us your favourite Park Lands picnic spots (and why you love this location) in the comments section at the end.

Adelaide Riverbank

Ducks on torrens river

Either side of the River Torrens you’re spoilt for choice with scenic settings - to be shared with the odd duck of course!

For water and city-views, try Pinky Flat on the river’s north side. Popular Elder Park could see you sharing the scenery with others or find a quieter patch along the banks east or west.

Adelaide Botanic Garden and Park

Adelaide living botanic gardens

With pretty pockets at every turn and lots of shady trees, wandering through these glorious grounds in the city’s east end and choosing a lunch spot will be one of the day’s highlights. Happy exploring!

Veale Gardens, Veale Park / Walyu Yarta (Park 21)

Veale Gardens

Veale Gardens' waterways.

Home to winding waterways criss-crossed by stone bridges and the Adelaide-Qingdao Rose Garden, this beautiful spot in the south-west is a great place to see the season’s colours come alive.

For a post-feasting stroll, wander through the flourishing Walyu Yarta Community Garden and revegetated areas behind these gardens.

Other parks less picnicked!

Tuthangga Park 17 Twitter

Carriageway Park / Tuthangga (Park 17).

In the south-east, Carriageway Park / Tuthangga (Park 17) is quite special. Sit down beside the grand avenue of elm trees, along which horse-drawn carriages once travelled.

Kingston Gardens in GS Kingston Park / Wirrarninthi (Park 23) has tables with chessboards for challenging each other after you eat or there are more natural settings in the revegetated area just west of here. Near the historic railway bridge in Bonython Park / Tulya Wardli (Park 27) is also pleasant.

What to pack?

Along with a picnic rug, hats, sunscreen and maybe a pretty posy – the key to the day is delicious eats, simply served!

Hit up the Adelaide Central Market’s smorgasbord of stalls and fill a basket with goodies that can be set out on a wooden board and eaten with fingers. A quick tour down the aisles will have you loaded up in no time with a selection of charcuterie, creamy cheeses, a vintage cheddar, local olives, dips to delight, freshly baked bread or crispy crackers and some strawberries for dessert. The choice is yours!

For trader details visit  the Adelaide Central Market website.

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