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Popping tags after op shopping is rewarding in more ways than one. True to their name, op shops are a beacon of hope and a provider of opportunities to both the community and your closet. Here’s why there’s no need to feel guilty about going on an op shopping spree through the city.

The original crowdfunder

Long before Kickstarter or any of the other crowdfunding sites started, the local op shop was the leader in sourcing money in exchange for 'rewards'. It can be easy to forget that when you buy the wares in an op shop, you’re donating to a good cause. The money goes to supporting anything from feeding and housing the homeless to suicide prevention programs. If you’re interested to know exactly how the charities spend their money and what activities they support, check their website or ask the staff.

For a store that’s doing valuable work with great wares, visit the Vinnies store.

106 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Stand out from the crowd

If you’ve ever accidentally dressed in a nearly identical outfit to your friend - you’re in need of an op shop. Mix up the striped shirt and jeans combo by picking something truly unique off the racks. You’re guaranteed to get a good giggle from some of the sharp shoulder pads and garish prints but if you’re persistent, you’ll also find something that is truly you.

For a truly eclectic mix of clothes, visit the Red Cross op shop.

284 Rundle Street Adelaide

Hard workers

You might be surprised to know that some of the friendly faces working at an op shop may have had a rough time. Op shops often offer employment to refugees, people who are experiencing disability or come from disadvantaged communities. The stores help people to upskill, build confidence and connect with their community.

For a store that assists thousands of people to find employment, visit the Salvos op shop.

422 Morphett Street, Adelaide

Savvy saver

If you’re saving for a rainy day, op shops are a lifesaver. It’s tempting to purchase a cheap item from a chain store, but it may promptly crack, tear or just generally fall to pieces. Op shops are ideal for decking out your home on a budget without compromising on quality.

If you’re feeling thrifty, visit the Posh Mosh Boutique op shop.

Downstairs, 64 King William Street, Adelaide

Cut the trash

The average Australian sends 23 kilos of clothing to landfill each year. If that’s not alarming enough, then imagine the whopping pile that the 25 million of us produce together. Break the cycle and re-home some pre-loved goods. Op shops will only sell things in great condition so there’s no excuse to not peruse!

For a store that saves high quality goods from a life in landfill, visit the Magdalene Bargain Centre.

82 Gilbert St, Adelaide

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