Setting the pace for a cleaner city

Sustainable City At Work

From financial assistance through its Sustainability Incentives Scheme to installing 40 electric vehicle charging points across the CBD to encourage zero emission transport, Council is committed to helping the city community reduce its environmental footprint – and the movement to make a difference is growing.

The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners Program was set up by the City of Adelaide and the State Government of South Australia to cultivate a network of people who share the aspiration for Adelaide to become the world’s first carbon neutral city. Over a thousand individuals and 140 city business and community organisations have already signed up, signalling their commitment to taking meaningful action to reduce carbon emissions. Another 58 organisations are in the CitySwitch Green Office program, which supports commercial office tenants and office-based businesses to operate more sustainably.

For its part, the City of Adelaide has set its own green goal: for Council’s corporate operations to have zero net carbon emissions by 2020, and progress is positive. Improvements such as putting solar PV systems on facilities like its Works Depot helped reduce Council’s greenhouse gas emissions by 10 per cent in the 2016/17 financial year – and further upgrades are planned at other sites.

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