The City of Adelaide's new city place brand - Adelaide. Designed for Life. is the essence of our city's story - but it was never intended to be a brand for us alone.

Adelaide. Designed for Life. was created to be a unifying and inclusive city brand - one that could be embraced by all who share the goal to see our city continue to flourish into the future.

StudyAdelaide is among the growing pool of businesses, agencies and individuals advocating the benefits of having access to a consistent and authentic umbrella messaging for the city. 

In partnership with education institutions, StudyAdelaide grows awareness and preference for Adelaide as a global study destination.

We spoke with Jane Johnston, StudyAdelaide's Director, Strategy, Communication and Engagement, to find out how this organisation set about weaving Adelaide. Designed for Life. into their own messaging to help gain real traction in the competitive international market.

Discover more about our Adelaide. Designed for Life. city story and how to start a conversation with the City of Adelaide around how we can support each other to achieve our common goals for Adelaide.

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Skye Murtagh

Skye Murtagh

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