Sustainable city

In a city surrounded by Park Lands, it’s only natural that sustainability is a way of life.

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Sustainable City

Flying (foxes) into our hearts

Adelaide's fascinating Grey-headed Flying-foxes are in good hands.

Sustainable City

What to plant for birds, bees & butterflies

Choose a variety to feed native insects and our fabulous feathered friends.

Sustainable City

Park Lands cultural burn

The Kaurna community is activating an ancient tradition and leading a pilot cultural burn ...

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Sustainable City

Flower power: planting the Park Lands

From petunias to poppies - find out what's blooming in the city.

Sustainable City

Clean and green: Decluttering the sustainable way

Handy tips to help make your spring clean a green clean!

Sustainable City

EcoCaddy’s new free self-guided tours make explori...

These self-guided tours suit riders of all skill levels and interests.

Sustainable City

Tips to take control of your energy use this winte...

Simple steps you can take at home to reduce your energy use.

Sustainable City

Adelaide's treasured op shops

True to their name, op shops are a beacon of hope to both the community and your closet.