Music is a powerful medium. Whatever your jam, listening to even a few simple chords, especially when performed live, can be a transformative experience.

In 2015, Adelaide was designated as the first and only UNESCO City of Music in Australia – acknowledging the scope and vitality of the city’s music culture, its global reach, history and aspirations.

Part of a three-year Strategic Cultural Partnership forged between the City of Adelaide and Music SA in 2017, Rock the Square debuted in November 2017 – giving emerging artists a chance to play at lunchtime in Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga.

“Both our organisations want to nurture new audiences for musicians and venues and put into action what it means to live in and visit a UNESCO City of Music,” said Lisa Bishop, Music SA’s General Manager. “Our partnership with the City of Adelaide enables Music SA to more widely promote and program local original musicians and their works, and collaborate to deliver the City of Adelaide’s Live Music Action Plan.”

This year, Rock the Square will bring even more homegrown tunes into the heart of the CBD. The program has expanded its diverse array of local musical talent, and will feature both lunchtime sessions and twilight shows.

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The Winter Gypsy perform at Rock the Square.

“By activating public spaces during the day and at twilight, we give people a chance to see and hear music they wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to. Music in public spaces also creates a sense of unexpected discovery and lets people enjoy the creative arts alongside complete strangers – reminding us how music can unite communities."
Lisa Bishop, General Manager, MusicSA

Six-piece indie folk group, The Winter Gypsy, performed at the first Rock the Square in November 2017.

“These shows give local musicians like us a chance to expose our music, as a full band, to people who may not have heard of us,” said lead vocalist, Tushar Singh. “They also create a welcoming, vibrant and relaxing atmosphere and break up the regular routine for locals.”

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