The humble hot cross bun

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Posted on 09 Apr 2019

Before the sun even rises, the windows of Perryman’s Bakery in North Adelaide illuminate, and the journey of the humble hot cross bun begins.

In the six weeks leading up to Easter, an impressive 12,000 buns will be lovingly hand-crafted at this 130-year-old neighbourhood bakery. Bakers Glenn Tee and Mikaela Narcisi, walked Adelaide Living through their daily two-hour process to craft these perfectly spiced delights.

Glenn has been baking at Perryman’s for seven years and says he has observed the tastes of customers evolving. Perryman’s have dutifully responded by altering their Easter offering to suit their customers. 

In addition to the traditional fruit and chocolate, Perryman’s now bake sourdough hot cross buns which contain apricot, date and fruit peel. The inclusion of peel may surprise some as it fell out of fashion as a bun ingredient not too long ago but is now resurging in popularity as it adds depth and complexity.

The sourdough buns take a full 24 hours to create and the care is evident in the final product. The crust is covered in delicate golden bubbles for impeccable crunch and the small but important detail of an angled cross, elevates it to heights that eclipse the humble traditional bun.

Perryman’s Easter treats also include chocolate egg cupcakes, hot cross marked profiteroles and gingerbread bunnies. All of this goes to show Perryman’s is not afraid to innovate, and their customers couldn’t be happier. Loyal customers are well-prepared for the Easter rush with single orders commonly placed for five dozen hot cross buns or more.

Unsurprisingly, everyone has a different opinion on the best bun and the right way to eat it. Glenn swears by traditional fruit while Mikaela is partial to a chocolate. Alex and Chloe, who work in the shopfront, say all buns-aside, the butter is the most important thing. That’s an opinion we can all get behind.

Next time you’re in North Adelaide, let the scent of cinnamon, ginger and mixed spice guide you through Perryman’s door.

Perryman’s opens at 8:00 am Monday – Friday, 8:30 am Saturday and 9:00 am Sunday.

54 Tynte St, North Adelaide SA 5006

8267 2766