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The power of 'one voice'

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Posted on 22 Jan 2020

New York, London, Hong Kong and Seoul – these are just some of the urban powerhouses Adelaide is up against when it comes to attracting quality business events to the city. It’s a competitive game and one the City of Adelaide is playing a part in supporting through its Adelaide. Designed for Life. place brand.

The lead body responsible for securing business events to Adelaide is the Adelaide Convention Bureau (ACB) - a non-profit, membership-based organisation. One of the many benefits of the ACB succeeding in positioning Adelaide as a leading business events destination, is the potential for significant payoffs for the whole of South Australia.

The attraction of business events directly impacts the visitor economy with additional hotel rooms filled, meeting spaces secured, and local cafes and restaurants booked. However, the in-direct results of securing a business event are just as vital, if not more so. Attracting the right type of business events can lead to investments, trades and even skilled migration opportunities as local organisations get an opportunity to showcase their skill sets to some of the best institutions from across the globe.”
Nic Mercer, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Adelaide Convention Bureau

Nic mercer

Nic Mercer, General Manager, Sales & Marketing,
Adelaide Convention Bureau

For the ACB, access to a city place brand, in the form of a cohesive narrative about Adelaide’s inspiring story that anyone can weave into their messaging, helps the city gain traction as a destination of choice in an increasingly competitive market.

“The Adelaide Convention Bureau often relies on the support of industry, government and its members to bolster the destination bids,” says Nic. “We refer to this as the ‘Team Adelaide’ approach. Developing a clear message and voice behind this ‘Team Adelaide’ approach is vital. It showcases a coordinated destination that is clear on its direction and ability to work with clients who are interested in coming to Adelaide.

“Our bids are often competing against the powerhouse cities of Asia for Asia Pacific events and, for truly international business events, globally identifiable cities like New York, London and Paris. For our destination to remain competitive we need to speak from one voice which strengthens our message and highlights our ability to work together to ensure the events’ success when they come to Adelaide.”

In the eyes of the ACB, the flexibility of Adelaide’s city place brand, which allows it to be subtly incorporated in communication strategies through common language and messaging around Adelaide’s unique qualities as an accessible ‘city in a park’ and gateway to a broader South Australian experience, is one of its most attractive features.

“Adelaide. Designed for Life. provides us with a unique opportunity to tell the story on why Adelaide is ideally suited for a particular business event,” says Nic. “Visiting delegates are fantastic brand ambassadors for the city and the Adelaide Convention Bureau needs to ensure they know what to expect and give them an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the destination."

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“Adelaide. Designed for Life. encapsulates a vision that delegates can live like a local while they’re here and explore the destination because of how the city is designed: from its connected precincts to its accessible laneways and bars, and the pristine park lands surrounding the city. Through the place brand, the Adelaide Convention Bureau intends to connect the visiting delegates with the city to ensure they maximise their stay in Adelaide.”
Nic Mercer

Discover more about Adelaide’s city place brand and start a conversation with the City of Adelaide about ways to incorporate Adelaide. Designed for Life. into your communication strategy. 

If you’d like to discuss how the Adelaide Convention Bureau can help you attract an international conference to Adelaide, visit their website or email [email protected]