Tips for spring cleaning this season

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The onset of warmer weather after winter can inspire a cleaning frenzy! If you’re doing a whip around your place, use these tips to help dispose of items sustainably.

Around the yard

  • Lawn clippings, prunings, small branches, leaves and twigs can go in your Green Bin to be converted into compost to grow local produce or be taken to Council’s Green Waste Recycling & Mulch Centre in North Adelaide. City residents can drop off up to four green waste loads a year for free – just have a current rates notice and ID handy;
  • In 2017/18, 22,500m³ of green waste was processed, recycled into mulch or compost and on-sold to the public. Mulch is great for retaining moisture in soil and improving organic material in poor soils, so pick some up for your garden.
  • Can't make it to the green waste centre? Check with your neighbours by posting your giveaways on your suburb's Buy Nothing group. Leaves and twigs can be composted in someone else's compost bin or used as mulch too.
Green Waste Centre mulch image

Mulch and compost are both for sale at the Green Waste Recycling and Mulch Centre.

At home

Old clothes, household goods, toys and books

  • Donate quality unwanted clean clothes, toys, books or music to the city Salvos Stores (422 Morphett Street, Adelaide and 169 O’Connell Street, North Adelaide), Magdalene Bargain Centre (46 Carrington Street) or Vinnies Adelaide (108 Waymouth Street);
  • Give ragged clothes a second life as dust cloths, or see if an animal shelter needs old rags as bed filler;
  • Put excess old clothing, broken drinking glasses, old crockery and ovenware in your Landfill Bin (that’s either your Red or Blue-lidded Bin) for collection.

Unwanted quality furniture

  • Call 13 72 58 to arrange a free home collection of larger furniture to go to the Salvos Store;
  • Vinnies can help with furniture pick-up too, to on-sell or use in a support service. Call 8112 8777 for information.

Broken bits and bobs

  • Laptop on the blink? Broken jewellery? Don’t ditch it. The Adelaide Repair Café in The Joinery (111 Franklin Street) invites people to bring broken items in (three max) and work with an experienced volunteer ‘fixer’ to learn how to repair it. Fixing’s free but donations are welcome. Next sessions are on 15 September and 17 November. See The Repair Cafe in action below (all photos by Ian Buckland, PhotoDocumentary Artist) and for more information visit the Adelaide Repair Cafe website.
  • Reduce landfill by dropping broken e-waste you can’t fix (TVs, keyboards and printers) to a specialist recycler like Unplug N’Drop. Valuable parts can be recycled and damaging materials won’t end up in the environment. E-waste can also go out in a Council hard waste collection.

Too much isn’t too hard

  • If you can’t recycle, reuse or repair it, and your unwanted items won’t fit in your Landfill Bin, city residents can call 8295 5077 to book a City of Adelaide hard waste collection. Visit for a list of items that can and can’t be collected;
  • Among items that won’t be collected are mobile phones, which you can take to a MobileMuster drop-off point, and old batteries, which can be taken to any City of Adelaide Community Centre or Library;
  • Search Which Bin for where to recycle a range of items.

Did you know?

You can ask Adelaide (our chatbot) for help on how to dispose of items. Simply click or tap on the icon at the bottom right of your screen, then type in which bin to begin!

Moving forward, remember to:

  • Refuse to buy what you don’t need or over-packaged products
  • Reduce the amount of waste you create
  • Reuse items that could have a second life
  • Recycle the right way, to ensure a healthy environment every day!

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