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Water for wildlife

Koala walking on land

With the ongoing dry spells in South Australia, it’s important to not only look after ourselves, but lend a helping hand to our native wildlife who may be struggling to locate fresh drinking water.

Here’s 5 quick steps you can take to help our native wildlife stay hydrated and safe:

  • Fill a clean ice cream container (or container of similar size) with fresh tap water
  • Label the container ‘Water for wildlife’
  • Place in a shady area, out of the way from pedestrian traffic – at the base of a tree, up against a building, or under drinking fountains/taps
  • Refill and clean the container regularly
  • Place a sturdy stick or rock in the container for smaller animals and lizards to use as a ramp to safely access/exit the water

For enquiries or further information please contact the City of Adelaide Customer Centre on 8203 7203 or

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Kate Klavins

Kate Klavins

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