Suffrage wauwi

Wauwi was the wife of Kadlitpina, a prominent Kaurna Elder, called ‘Captain Jack’ by the colonists. He was one of the highly regarded Kaurna men appointed as an ‘honorary constable’. These men were issued with a baton and uniform, and attended official meetings with the Governor, ‘Protector’ of Aborigines and the Chief of Police. Unfortunately, no historical information about Wauwi survives.

In 2012 the City of Adelaide renamed Light Square to Light Square / Wauwi to honour this Kaurna woman and to recognise that it was the main community meeting place for Aboriginal peoples from 1900-1960s. The square also celebrates Colonel William Light (1786-1839), the first Surveyor-General of South Australia, who is buried in the square.

Celebrating 125 years of women's suffrage in South Australia.

Image: S Burnett photographer