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Whether you live in the City of Adelaide, study here, work, run a business or visiting for the day, a week or more – Adelaide Living welcomes contributions from people of every colour, creed, orientation, tradition and background!

By writing for Adelaide Living, you can share your positive first person experiences, memories, perspectives and connections to our beautiful capital city – with others in the city community and across the world.

Here’s how it works.

Simply pitch us your unique story idea and, if we determine if fits with our Content Guidelines, we’ll work with you to create your own Adelaide Living ‘post’ – complete with your own by-line, photo and link to a short bio.

There are several ways you can contribute to Adelaide Living:

Written editorial piece

Has Adelaide left a positive impression on you?

Perhaps you’d like to share the top five reasons why you love experiencing the city in Autumn – or Summer, Winter or Spring for that matter – along with some of your best snaps!

Do you have a special walking trail through the city you want others to know about and enjoy? Share where it is, what you see along the way and why you love it!

Perhaps you discovered an inspiring new piece of street art in a city laneway and want to share its location and how it made you feel?

Maybe you stumbled across a bespoke city business delivering a unique service that you simply must let everyone know about?

It could be you know a local hero who’s quietly having a positive impact on city life and you’d like to share their achievements?

Or maybe you’ve had a visitor staying who had an amazing city experience. Encourage them to get in touch and share with others why their experience was so memorable.

Whatever it is, we’d love to hear about your personal city experience – your thoughts, in your voice. It all starts with a quick pitch by email, so read on for more information.

Photo or video journalistic piece

If your storytelling is at its best through beautiful imagery of people or places, we want to help showcase that to the world.

Again, it all starts with a quick pitch by email (read on) and if we determine there’s a good fit with Adelaide Living, our editorial team will be in touch with the next steps.

Getting interested?

Great! Next, read our Content Guidelines so you understand the type of stories we’re looking to share, the tone of voice and why we’re doing it.

Content Guidelines

OUR CONTENT aims to inspire and enrich the lives of every individual who may or may not have visited Adelaide. We are strong advocates for openness, inclusion, innovation and creativity – delivered in an authentic, respectful and empathetic manner.

OUR TONE is friendly, purposeful, empathetic, respectful and professional. We are approachable and friendly. All our stories are written with a positive spin; we approach topics as friends with a desire to share everything about Adelaide. As this is YOUR story about YOUR experience – we want you to tell it in your voice (first person).

OUR PURPOSE is to showcase inspirational and enriching experiences through the people and stories we cover, as well as the diversity and uniqueness of their Adelaide experience.

For specifics about article length, structure, language and imagery – they’re all answered in our FAQs below.

For conditions of publishing content on Adelaide Living, please read our Submission Terms and Conditions, prior to emailing us your story pitch.

Ready? Start pitching!

Email us with your brief story pitch at

  • Please put the title of your story idea in the subject line and your 100-word (or less) story pitch (a summary of what you’d like to write about) in the body of the email.

Please also include:

  • a short bio of yourself (100 words or less)
  • links to your website or other social media if applicable
  • a headshot or photo of yourself that you’d be comfortable with us publishing with your bio and by-line

We read every pitch we receive and endeavour to respond within 14 days. If we determine your idea is the right sort of material for our platform, we’ll get in touch to start a conversation about what you need to do next to create your own Adelaide Living story.

While you’re waiting to hear from us, see below for FAQ’s about the details around final article length, basic structure, language and imagery.

By pitching to Adelaide Living, you acknowledge that you accept our Submission Terms and Conditions, and any form of editing our editorial team deems necessary.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Wondering what you’ll need to supply if your story idea is accepted by the Adelaide Living editorial team? It’s not too complicated, so these FAQ’s should answer your queries.

If not, email us with your question at

How long should my article be?
To improve readability, we aim to keep Adelaide Living articles to a maximum of 800 words. Shorter is even better (a few hundred words is fine) and, if your accepted submission is a photo or video piece – then you may only need a very short intro to set up the pics.
What if I want to cite a statistic or study?
If your story references a statistic or study please include links to the respective source. Put relevant links in brackets: []


What sort of tone and language should I use – formal, casual?
The tone of all Adelaide Living stories is friendly, purposeful, empathetic, respectful and professional – but most of all, it’s positive! Our aim is to publish and share upbeat stories that make others feel good about being part of Adelaide because they discover something new about the city – an exciting new place, person, initiative or opportunity that will enrich their city experience!

Try to use clear language and be as engaging and natural (true to you) as you can. This article has your name on it – so make it your own! If spelling’s not your strong suit, relax. Our editorial team review all submitted articles and make grammatical checks as required.

What if I’m unsure about a fact in my article?
Fact check your information to your best ability to ensure it is as accurate as possible. If you’d like us to check something for you, we can try to assist. Our editorial team will review all submitted articles and make any content adjustments we determine require correction.
Do I need to structure my story in a particular way?
It helps if you can give some structure to your article and set it out in clear paragraphs. We give all published articles a ‘title’ – so feel free to suggest one for yours for us to consider, or we will devise one for you based on the content. Times New Roman 12 point is acceptable as a font and size.
How do I send the article in?
All accepted submissions of written copy need to be submitted in a word document format as an attachment to an email.
How do I send images?
Submitted images to accompany an article must be high-resolution and at least 1920 pixels wide. This is only for images to accompany an article we have approved you to submit (low res images can be supplied in the initial story pitch phase – but are not a requirement anyway). Both portrait and landscape images are accepted, but each story’ will need one landscape feature image.

Please see Terms & Conditions regarding copyright on any pictorial image supplied to Adelaide Living.

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