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For many, yeesang is an unmissable dish during Lunar New Year
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The Prosperity Toss

What’s a festive season without special fare? For many South-East Asian families, yeesang (also known as yusheng or lou hei) is an unmissable Lunar New Year dish.

Yeesang is made of raw fish strips (traditionally salmon or tuna) and shredded vegetables, along with a variety of sauces and condiments (depending on where you’re eating it).

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For Malaysians, it’s the actions that go with preparing yeesang that are most significant. Family and friends gather to toss the salad together, a practice known as the Prosperity Toss. The aim is to toss higher each time, while wishing each other good fortune for the year. It’s believed the blessings are woven into the salad with each toss, before being enjoyed by all.

Aloysius Yeow
Aloysius Yeow, owner and chef of Hut and Soul Restaurant – where you can enjoy yeesang

Aloysius Yeow is chef and owner of Pulteney Street’s Hut and Soul Restaurant – just one city venue where you can enjoy authentic yeesang through the Lunar New Year.

“We always make sure to toss it high and make as big a mess (over-spilling of the salad) as we possibly can!” said Aloysius.

“The higher you toss, the higher your achievements in life. The bigger the mess, the bigger the grounds all these well wishes will cover in your life.”

Yeesang is available for pre-order at Hut and Soul and they’ve even designed a mini yeesang for smaller groups!

mini version of yeesang
A mini version of yeesang

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